Subscription Box 3 month

Subscription Box 3 month


Our 3 month subscription box is 3 boxes shipped 4 weeks apart.  The first box will be shipped within 48 hours of purchase, with each consecutive box going out at 3 week intervals. 

It includes 3 soaps which are not duplicated in previous boxes....& whatever else I can fit!!  Bath Salt Soak, lotions, perfumes, new just never know!  :)

The 3 month subscription box is the best bang for your $$!

You can send this subscription as a gift.  You can place the recipients full name & mailing address in the comment section at PayPal checkout or email me:

HINT > the absolute best boxes are Oct/Nov/Dec which includes fall scents & Christmas!!!!    Jan/Feb/March includes winter scents & Valentine"s Day!

Price includes 3 boxes.

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3 Month Subscription Box

Our 3 month subscription box is one box per month for 3 consecutive months. The first box ships out within 48 hours of purchase & the others follow at 3-4 week intervals.

Each box will contain 3 soaps & bath treats, never duplicated.

Great gift....send recipient's full name & address  ( & we'll take care of the rest!

Price includes 3 boxes.