Wax Melts....clamshell

Wax Melts....clamshell

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Double fragrance loaded for awesome throw!

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Wax Melts….. 3 oz. clamshell

We use a Parasoy blend wax & double fragrance load for maximum fragrance throw. This wax requires a cure time for best throw of minimum one week, but the fragrance absolutely develops the longer the wax cures, so 2+ weeks can be helpful! Pour date is on every label. If you find your wax isn’t throwing fragrance as it should, put it aside & give it a little more cure time. If you find the fragrance is too strong, use 1/2 block.

Tested in both a tealight warmer & a 20W electric warmer…..best throw from the electric warmer.

I spend extra time making these visually special. I think you’ll like it. I blend my own fragrances, so the majority of these fragrances would be considered “house blends”.

All wax is ready to ship. Your order goes out within 48 hours……no pre-orders or long waits.

Fragrance descriptions:

  • Apple Zucchini Bread….apple, vanilla, zucchini bread, & vanilla.

  • Apple Mango Tango…. laundry fragrance (Gain).

  • Arrogant…. grapefruit, oakmoss, & bergamot. Earthy, yet fresh.

  • Bourbon Vanilla…… kentucky bourbon & vanilla bean. Sweet yet tart.

  • Blackberry Ambrosia….. sweet blackberries & rich cream.

  • Flirt…. love potion & pink sugar.

  • Flower Shop…… fresh lush greenery & florals. Greenery & gardenia are the top notes.

  • Gigilo…peppercorn, vanilla, sandalwood.

  • Gumbo YaYa….fresh & clean laundry fragrance. Very strong fragrance! I’d suggest 1/2 cube to start.

  • Iced Lemon Cookie…. Notes of lemon zest, vanilla, sugar cookies, juicy Meyer lemons, white roses, and vanilla musk fill the air. You can almost taste the crumble of the delicate cookie.

  • Lavender Cupcake….. sweet buttercream frosting & lavender cake!

  • Lemon Lime Sublime… refreshing & clean. Lemon, lime, & vanilla.

  • Lumberjack…. woodsy & clean. Redwood, cedar, & a touch of peppermint.

  • Lullabye….. calming lavender, cedar leaf, & vanilla.

  • Manic Monday…pomegranate, vanilla, & lemon.

  • Mardi Gras…… zingy fruits with a hint of king cake!

  • Marie Laveau…. salt water taffy, rain, & patchouli.

  • Murphy’s Romance…..lavender, vetiver, & sandalwood. A very elegant blend!

  • Neopolitan Ice Cream…. chocolate, strawberry, vanilla ice cream.

  • Norma Jean…. clean citrus followed by sweet florals of jasmine and violets, cedar, sandalwood, musk, and light amber notes. Inspired by Jo Malone's Rain & Angelica

  • Rock A Bye Baby….baby powder.

  • Sea Witch…salty sea air & sea weed. A fabulous “ocean” scent!

  • Serendipity…all things sweet & magical! Wild berries, tropical fruits, cotton candy, & sweet candies!

  • S ‘Mores….. marshmallow, chocolate, & cookie.

  • Southern Breakfast …. fresh baked bread & strawberry preserves.

  • Strawberry Wedding Cake….. strawberry jam & vanilla buttercream.

  • Take A Hike… fresh outdoors with juicy wild berries. A beautiful balanced blend of cypress & berries!

  • Tea Party….. earl grey tea & sweet cakes. It’s fabulous & not overly sweet.

  • Unicorn…. cotton candy, lemon, buttercream frosting.

  • Velvet Slippers….. pink sugar, sweet patchouli, hint of cherry vanilla.

  • Volcano…. This complex fragrance blend was first made popular by Capri Blue. Tropical fruits and sugared citrus (oranges, lemons, and limes) with violet leaf, sweet Japanese quince, sun ripened cassis, sparkling pomelo, & sun weathered driftwood.

  • Whistle Stop Cafe…. strawberry preserves & pie crust!

  • White Tea & Ginger…. clean yet sweet floral with spicy ginger notes. A “spa like” refreshing fragrance.

  • Wild Berry & Scone…. juicy wild berries with a bakery note.