Wax Melts....clamshell

Wax Melts....clamshell


Double fragrance loaded for awesome throw!

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Wax Melts….. 3 oz. clamshell

We use a Parasoy blend wax & double fragrance load for maximum fragrance throw. This wax requires a cure time for best throw of minimum one week, but the fragrance absolutely develops the longer the wax cures, so 2+ weeks can be helpful! Pour date is on every label. If you find your wax isn’t throwing fragrance as it should, put it aside & give it a little more cure time. Another week sometimes makes a huge difference.

Tested in both a tealight warmer & a 20W electric warmer…..best throw from the electric warmer.

I spend extra time making these visually special. I think you’ll like it. I blend my own fragrances, so the majority of these fragrances would be considered “house blends”.

All wax is ready to ship. Your order goes out within 48 hours……no pre-orders or long waits.

Fragrance descriptions:

  • Apple Zucchini Bread….apple, vanilla, zucchini bread, & vanilla.

  • Apple Mango Tango…. laundry fragrance (Gain).

  • Arrogant…. grapefruit, oakmoss, & bergamot. Earthy, yet fresh.

  • Bourbon Vanilla…… kentucky bourbon & vanilla bean. Sweet yet tart.

  • Blackberry Ambrosia….. sweet blackberries & rich cream.

  • City Of Angels…crisp apple, wood, & fern. Very clean & airy.

  • Flirt…. love potion & pink sugar.

  • Flower Shop…… fresh lush greenery & florals. Greenery & gardenia are the top notes.

  • Gigilo…peppercorn, vanilla, sandalwood.

  • Gumbo YaYa….fresh & clean laundry fragrance. Very strong fragrance! I’d suggest 1/2 cube to start.

  • Idgie Threadgoode… … cherry bomb, buttercream, vanilla, & marshmallow.

  • Lemon Lime Sublime… refreshing & clean. Lemon, lime, & vanilla.

  • Lumberjack…. woodsy & clean. Redwood, cedar, & a touch of peppermint.

  • Lullabye….. calming lavender, cedar leaf, & vanilla.

  • Manic Monday…pomegranate, vanilla, & lemon.

  • Mardi Gras…… zingy fruits with a hint of king cake!

  • Murphy’s Romance…..lavender, vetiver, & sandalwood. A very elegant blend!

  • Red Queen…. Forever Red dupe.

  • Rock A Bye Baby….baby powder.

  • Sea Witch…salty sea air & sea weed. A fabulous “ocean” scent!

  • Serendipity…all things sweet & magical! Wild berries, tropical fruits, cotton candy, & sweet candies!

  • Smoke & Mirrors… woodsy, spicy, & warm. A beautiful fragrance!

  • S ‘Mores….. marshmallow, chocolate, & cookie.

  • Take A Hike… fresh outdoors with juicy wild berries. A beautiful balanced blend of cypress & berries!

  • Unicorn…. cotton candy, lemon, buttercream frosting.

  • Velvet Slippers….. pink sugar, sweet patchouli, hint of cherry vanilla.

  • White Tea & Ginger…. clean yet sweet floral with spicy ginger notes. A “spa like” refreshing fragrance.

  • Wild Berry & Scone…. juicy wild berries with a bakery note.