Wax Sachet Succulent Garden

Wax Sachet Succulent Garden

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A highly fragranced wax garden!

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Wax Sachet Succulent Garden

Wax Sachets are fragrant bars of wax that make your home look sweet and smell amazing! This little succulent garden is a desk or table top version of our hanging sachets. The bottom scent is Petrichor (fresh earth after a rain) , the succulents are scented in our special blend fresh & clean fragrance. A little succulent garden that doesn’t require watering & would look so sweet on your work desk or table!

Simply place on a saucer or tray to protect your furniture & enjoy the aroma. No melting pots or flames required. ….but you can chop them up & melt as you would a tart if you’d like.

Keep out of direct heat…..wax will melt in extreme temperatures. Not recommended for use in vehicles. Keep away from children & pets.

6 oz. Highly fragranced Parasoy beeswax blend. Colors may vary as each is unique.

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