Ben Bar ( Dog Shampoo Bar)

Ben Bar ( Dog Shampoo Bar)


Only the best for our furry friends! Natural & nourishing for skin & coat!

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The Ben Bar ( Dog Shampoo Bar )

A shampoo bar created for my dog Ben. Ben had itchy skin & feet. We changed his diet, used special shampoos, medicated wipes for his feet, injections…nothing really worked. As with all of my products, I did lots of research on natural ingredients to help Ben……& the Ben Bar was born! With regular baths, Ben no longer chews his feet and his coat & skin look fantastic! It’s not just for dogs with skin problems, the Ben Bar is great for regular use on all dogs! All natural with no harsh chemicals to strip the skin of natural oils.

More cost effective than liquids! Ditch the bottle for something better for your best friend!

This bar contains essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, & rosemary. Also colloidal oatmeal & clays to soothe irritated skin. For a shiny coat, there’s lanolin, coconut oil, & vitamin E. It smells fresh & clean, gives a shine to the coat, & helps keep fleas at bay!

Note > This bar has been formulated & proven to help skin issues. Not intended to replace veterinary treatment. Please see your veterinarian for any medical problems your dog may have.

Directions for use: Wet dog, rub the bar on it’s coat & build a lather, work into coat, then rinse. Avoid the eyes of course! Let your bar dry in a draining soap dish.

3 oz bars.

Paraben, sulfate, phthalate, & cruelty free!

As with any product, discontinue use if you notice any adverse reaction or irritation. The Ben Bar is more gentle than anything you’ve ever used, but owners of dogs with severe allergies always need to be watchful.

*** Julie K….I have just tried this on Chezni and with her skin allergies and sensitivity to EVERYTHING, after one use I see a thing? She is so soft and smells beautiful!! (No wet dog smell at all) MUST TRY!

*** Lori B……ty so much! Gave Luna one bath and she has hardly scratched all day! She’s been itching for 2 months!

*** Laurie C….Opal who is allergic to other natural soaps looks amazing, Patch has very oily fur and is now squeaky clean. Rufus has dry flaky skin and it is gone and well Belle, she is just easy all a round but they all smell amazing. Not even a wet dog smell!!!
We used Ben's Dog Shampoo Bar from Tanglewood Soap Company. 

*** Pampered Pets By Crystal….Does your pet have sensitive skin? Do you fight with yeasty feet and ears? Are you tired of shampoos that leave your pet not smelling clean and fresh? If so, this is a must-try. I started using this soap just a few days ago and I am already hooked. I have seen a difference in skin and the insides of ears after just one bath. The best part they smell amazing after bath.

*** Chien Rouge Grooming….We love this shampoo bar! We use it on all of our sweet little clients with dry/itchy/red skin and we are noticing immediate relief! Made with the best ingredients, by a dog mom who is just as crazy about her fur babies as the rest of us! ❤️❤️  Dog & Groomer approved! If you are looking for a great pet shampoo, then this is it! Handmade locally with love by Tanglewood Soap Co. ❤️ 
It’s perfect for general use but it’s definitely making a difference in the red/itchy skin for my more sensitive clients! Oh, and it’s all vegan- and a natural flea repellent 😊🐾🐕❤️

*** Priscilla W. ….I can’t say enough good things about this soap. No more scratching or licking paws. We only bathed Nugget 4 times with it so far. I definitely will be back for more. I love it for my Yorkie. So soft and smells good for days.

*** Laura C…… Love this soap, has a nice clean smell. I ordered the spray too and it smells awesome as well.

*** Rebecca K….. it is truly the best shampoo I have ever used and I will never bathe my clients and personal dogs with anything else. We’ve seen changes immediately. Thank you from all of my dog customers & their owners!

*** Beverly H ….. I’ve used Jax n’ Daisy and a lot of other shampoos for Beau’s skin problems and odor. I was skeptical, but I’m so glad I tried it! Beau’s skin problems are almost gone! No more stinky smell or scratching. I’ll never use anything else, Ben Bar is the best and I tell everyone I know about it. PS I love your soaps for me too. My skin has never been nicer.