Pet Fragrance Mist

Pet Fragrance Mist


Introducing…Ben’s Pet Fragrance Mists. Your dog will smell as good as Ben does!

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Ben’s Pet Fragrance Mist

Ben has been the CEO of Tanglewood for the last 6 years. His job is not that difficult, napping under my work table is the hardest part. He works for treats, so he’s affordable! Ben believes that all dogs should smell as awesome as he does. When your Mom makes bath & beauty products, that’s a reality.

Introducing, Ben’s Pet Fragrance Mists….. so your dog will smell as good as Ben does!

A little bit goes a long way, avoiding the eyes & of course irritated skin.

5 oz bottle with mist sprayer

PS… it’s safe for human skin too!


*Clean…..simply fresh & clean!

* Stud…. very manly, like an expensive men’s cologne .

*Baby Powder….. no need to explain the classic essence of baby powder.

*Princess Pinkpink sugar & cotton candy for a princess!